Thing 4: Blogs

Thing 4: Blogs

I have noticed when looking at different blogs that the genre is more casual than “writing”.  It is more of a discussion online than a reading of a paper!  I think that commenting on blogs helps to nail down your own thoughts and ideas for you as much as to add to the blog.  The first blog that I looked at was very casual in its genre:  The second blog felt like I was just sitting down with the teacher and letting him explain his views on the fact that kids are not “digitally native”.  They may know how to do some general things but not really the “techy” things.  He gave specific examples in his blog which I think is great and most helpful.   One particular blog that is of great interest to me and our school is  I think that blogging will facilitate learning.  After looking at a Biology teacher’s blog at you can see how student’s are asked to research this particular topic and “take it to the next level”.  This to me illustrates how blogs can facilitate learning. This blog me a great idea about giving a pop reading quiz over the text using Blackboard….it was a great idea!

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  1. hey just wanted to let you know I can now comment on your blog page. Yippeee!!! now I know how to do something else. Also, thank you for your comment about my Brookstone tennis page. Hopefully I can get things going. Hey, do a golf page for your girls?!

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